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Anne Spencer I
by: Keegan Olsen

Anne Bethel Bannister was born in Henry County, Virginia, on 6 February 1882. Anne was the only child of Joel Cephus Bannister and Sarah Louise Scales. Annes father was born a slave and Annes mother was an illegitimate child; her mother a slave and her father a rich aristocrat. Sarah moved out and took Anne with her, they moved to West Virginia. Anne ended up in a foster home with William Dixie and his wife. Then Annes mom enrolled her in Virginia Theological Seminary and College. There she learned all the things necessary to become successful. When Anne started school she was barely literate. She gave the valedictory address when she graduated.
She met her husband in school. His name was Edward Alexander Spencer of Lynchburg. They got married 1901 and moved in the their house (that Edward built) 2 years later. They had 3 children and 10 grandchildren. One of Edwards friends helped Anne become a poet. He helped her realize her talent as a poet. She would write on any surface, napkins, paper, even the walls in her house. Her husband was very supportive of her poetry. Not only was she a inspirational poet but, she helped to start the NAACP, was a librarian for 20 years, a teacher and a mother (her most important job). She died of cancer in 1975 on July 27 at age 93.

[Earth, I thank you]
Earth, I thank you
for the pleasure of your language
You’ve had a hard time
bringing it to me
from the ground
to grunt thru the noun
To all the way
feeling seeing smelling touching
I am here!

This poem talks about the hardships of her life. This is shown by the line "Grunt thru the noun"(6). This represents all the stuff that she had to go through. She is also thanking the earth "Earth I thank you" for its beauty and gifts.

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