Clarissa Scott Delany:

By. Teanna Henderson

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Clarissa Scott Delany was born in 1901 and she died in 1927. In her life she was a social worker, African-American educator, and a poet. In her earlier years she lived in the South but she was sent to New Enlgand. There, she attended Bradford Academy. That was not the only school she attened though. She also went to Wellesely College and she graduated in 1923. In college she participated very much. She was a Delta Sigma Theta, she was in the debate team, and she played feild hockey. She was also in a group of African Americans that spoke of their freedom and this encouraged her to join the Harlem Renaissance.
After she wasd through with college she traveled around Europe before she returned to the United States. When she came back she went to Washington D.C where she bagean to teach at a high school. She wrote and published in Opportunity as often as she could. She wrote about the Harlem Renaissance with her colleagues. She won a prize in 1925 and that same year she wrote a play and a very famous poem. A year after that she married a young lawyer and they moved to New York City together. She died in 1927 of a kidney disease, her life was cut so short that she only had published four poems.


Joy shakes me like the wind that lifts a sail,
Like the roistering wind
That laughs through stalwart pines.
It floods me like the sun
On rain-drenched trees
That flash with silver and green,
I abandon myself to joy-
I laugh-I sing.
Too long have I walked a desolate way,
Too long stumbled down a maze


Scott was a great poet during the short time she lived. This poem was about the feeling of joy and how it so powerful and it truely is everywhere.She says it is like the wind, the sun, rain on trees, and it just is amazing. She defineltly uses similies between the feeling of joy and acts of nature. She uses joy with the acts of nature as if to say that joy powers many aspects of life.
Joy sails life along like a boat on the sea. It floods into the soul like the sun does to skin. She states that she has been going down a dark, sad, long path of life and when joy gets into it she is confussed by the happiness. This quote could be demonstrating how her life was once bad and hard and soon it looked up. She got marrried and involveld in the Harlem Renisassance.

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