Samantha Bettridge
Gwendolyn Bennett ("")

Gwendolyn B. Bennett was a journalist, a poet, a graphic artist, and also a teacher. She was born on July 8, 1902 in the city of Giddings, Texas. She lived a long 79 years and died on May 30, 1981. During those years she moved a few times, once to Washington D.C. in 1906. But after moving their, her parents divorced and her father kidnapped her along with her step mom, they went into hiding around the East Coast and Pennsylvania. They finally settled down in New York where Gwendolyn attended Girls' High. Getting one of her first accomplishments, first place in a school wide art contest. Not only that but she was the first African American to join the drama and literacy programs. She then took art classes at Columbia University after Pratt Institute. After graduating both schools in 1924, she wrote a a few poems called Nocturne and Heritage both written and published in 1923.

Gwendolyn Bennett was famous during the Harlem Renaissance because she was apart of many different things. She wrote moving poems that were published into well known magazines and she was journalist that got the word out. She was apart of the African American Literacy movement which meant that she worked with many of the other famous poets including other creative African Americans that made an impact on the Harlem Renaissance. Which really began the era. ("")

Poetry Analysis

"Moon Tonight"

Moon tonight,
When twilight
Has gathered together
The ends
Of her soft robe
And the last bird-call
Has died.
Moon tonight---
Cool as a forgotten dream,
Dearer than lost twilights
Among trees where birds sing
No more.